Consulting Services
  • Strategic Plans

      Strategic Plan

      Organizations are keen to improve their performance by developing strategic plans, through formulating the vision, mission and strategic long-term goals, KPI’s and implementation plans, including initiatives and programs. We work side by side with organizations to develop their strategic plan, by conducting thorough analysis of the organization's work environment.

  • Governance Systems
    1. Governance Manual

      Governance manual aims at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations by setting rules and standards, which governs the work of top management and guarantees protection of the rights of stakeholders. We develop the governance manual in organizations, based on best practice and in alignment with the required regulations

    2. Internal Audit Policy

      Having an effective system of internal control by defining the rules of the internal audit and the independence of its working practice is crucial governance element in organizations. We develop regulations of internal audit in organizations in line with the applicable modern practices and alignment with rules, regulations and standards of internal audit.

    3. Authority Matrix

      Authority matrix aims to define the responsibility of making financial and operational decisions and the level of authority for each activity of the organization's activities, the roles are clearly defined starting from preparing decision content until it is approved, it is also provides a reference for accountability at all organizational levels. We aim at AMT to develop the authority matrix that ensure effective decision-making, avoid duplication of authorities, strengthen the principle of accountability, and clarify communication channels to increase efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making process.

  • Organizational Structure
    1. Operating Model

      Operating model is the link between organization’s strategy and organizational structure. It focuses on utilizing human, technical capacities, processes, systems and operational effectiveness, to identify opportunities that will ensure the achievement of continuous improvement and sustainable development. At AMT we conduct thorough analysis of all aspects of the operating model and develop change map plan to migrate to the desired operating model, which helps the organization achieve its strategy.

    2. Organization Structure and Manuals

      Organizations seek to sustain growth and development in its business and enhance performance efficiency by setting up and developing their organization structure. At AMT, we thrive to assist organizations in achieving its strategic objectives and plans through designing organization structure that contributes to raising the level of performance and enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and integration, in addition to reducing operating costs while maintaining the application of the key organizational design principles.

  • Policies and Procedures
    1. Policies and Procedures

      The purpose of developing policies and procedures manual is to set clear guidelines to follow by employees. This allows for clearly defining the roles, responsibility and accountabilities. Having documented policies and procedure ensures preforming task in a contestant pattern. At AMT we follow the best practices in preparation and development of policies and procedures in line with the client's business environment. For example we do prepare the following policies and procedures:

      • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
      • Performance Appraisal Policies and Procedures
      • Training and Scholarship Policies and Procedures
      • Financial Policies and Procedures
      • Procurement and Contracting Policies and Procedures
      • Warehouses Policies and Procedures
      • Maintenance and Operations Policies and Procedures
      • Administrative Services Policies and Procedures
      • Investment Policies and Procedures
      • Information Technology Policies and Procedures
      • Public Relations Policies and Procedures


  • Human Resources Systems
    1. Job Description Manual

      Job description is the basic building block for all human resources functions, such as selection, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, career planning, salary and benefits and other HR functions. At AMT we are keen to do accurate job analysis based on actual information gathered through questionnaires, interviews and site visits, to specify job duties, responsibilities and minimum job requirements accompanied with job competencies.

    2. Competencies Dictionary

      Competencies are a group of knowledge, skills and behavioral attributes necessary for the employee in order to perform his duties efficiently and effectively. Implementing a competencies system helps in achieving the organization's strategy and its goals. At AMT we develop competencies dictionary to assist organizations in career development, improve organizational culture, strengthen the core values ​​and implementation of all human resources processes such as employment and acquisition, training and development, and performance appraisal.

    3. Manpower Plan

      Manpower planning is indispensable for an organization to perform its activities efficiently and in a way that produces desired results. It should be apparent that the organizational development as well as the success of a business relies on highly competent people. Manpower planning is one of the key functions of human resource management, So we at AMT are keen to precisely estimate human resources based on actual needs taking into consideration the strategy and future plans. 

    4. Job Classification and Evaluation

      Organizationsaims to determine the relative value of one job to another, through a process of classifying and evaluating jobs. At AMT we focus on determining the real value of each job and its importance to the organization, through analyzing all job related information and then defining the organization’s job structure, enabling it to achieve internal pay equity which will be reflected by a grading system based on the hierarchy of jobs.

    5. Salary Scale and Benefits

      One of the most important elements to attract, recruit and retain staff is salaries and benefits, so determining the right salaries and benefits scheme is crucial to attract and recruit outstanding excellent talents. At AMT we work to develop the salary scale and benefits in accordance with best practices and benchmark.

    6. Employees Placement

      The results of preparing human resources plan, job evaluation and classification and salary scale, will require placing employees on the new job titles. At AMT we work to deliberate process steps for successful employee placement, based on clear standards aimed at reducing the objections that may occur during the process.

    7. Career Path Planning

      Career path plan focuses on creating opportunities for employees’ career development, which helps to align the organization's goals with the goals of the staff through the necessary talent for the organization's work and future needs. Career path plays a role in attracting young staff at the beginning of the career ladder due to the availability of job opportunities and the development within the organization. This allow organizations to attract the talent needed for its business. At AMT we thrive to build a career path plans that contribute to achieving the objectives of the organization in terms of providing the talent needed in the future with a career development opportunities for all staff to provide attractive work environment within the organization.

    8. Training Needs Assessment

      Organizations aim to improve and develop the performance of its staff through the identification of training needs accurately, in order to bridge the gaps between the expected performance and the actual performance. At AMT we analyze all relevant documents related to employees such as, Job description, set of skills required, testing… etc, to determine employees training needs.

    9. Training Plan

      Successful organizations are keen on investing in human resources through developing staff career capabilities to reach the highest level of performance, which in turn contributes to the achievement of the goals of the organization. At AMT we strive to prepare training plans to meet current and future needs based on career path plans.

What Differentiates us

Extensive Local Experience

Over the past two decades, AMT has provided consulting services for numerous entities working in public and private sectors in the kingdom, hence; AMT acquired extensive knowledge and experience, which enabled us to find the best-fit solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.


Provide Practical Solutions

AMT exceeds in consulting services due to attention to details. We focus on accurate data collection, analysis, and designing the best solutions that helps our clients achieve their goals.


Planning and Project Management

We believe that a key success factor in achieving a project goal is through applying the latest methods in project management. Therefore, we strive on delivering our projects with the highest quality standards and on time.    




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