Training Components

Al-Tawail Centre follows distinctive style in training which consider the following basic training process components:


1)    The trainee:

It is the essence of the training process and its success. The training depends in the first place on providing several elements like the training programs appropriateness for organization’s current and future needs.


2)    The trainer:

Distinctive training can’t be achieved without experts and trainers with long practical experience in the training field. So, we are collaborating in designating and implementing the programs with distinctive of experts and trainers who are considered pioneered in their field scientifically and practically. We have (25) full timers trainers currently. They are master degree holders or above. Also, we have more than (150) collaborative trainers with high scientific and specializes experience.


3)    The Training Material

AlTawil is working continuously on developing the suitable training material for each training session or training program. So, we provide training that is applicable and suitable for new work approaches and styles in different organizations. Also, we seek the new development in training programs.


4)    Training Style

Concentration on learning and developing the style which has in-depth application feature which is different from the academic style. We apply this style to be sure of trainees’ participation and engagement. We care much on up raising the trainees’ skills and professional ability to achieve the training objective which was determined in advance in collaboration with trainees’ organizations according to their needs. We use advanced training styles, the most important styles are:

  • Cases
  • videos
  • role playing
  • Program implementation
  • Program evaluation


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